We help you to send, receive
and manage
documents for
signing without pen, paper or courier

Did you know Pakistan law allows electronic and digital signatures?

The Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002 recognizes any image as an electronic or digital signature if

the person signing
is identified


the device used
is identified


any tampering of the
document can be identified

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We are lawyers who know technology

Audit trails

Paksign complies with the Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002


Local cloud hosting

Document links

Pay us locally in Rupees, not overseas in foreign currency


Using email, mobile phone numbers or CNICs


We support you on the ground in Pakistan

Want to change the world?

Use Paksign for petitions and get everyone to support your impact on the world with official electronic signatures

Inventing the future, one feature at a time.

Get paid

Take payment at the same time as signing

Find a document

Download a template from our library of documents made just for Pakistan

Make a document

Use our very smart builder and editor to customize your document for your needs

Archive paper documents

Upload your legacy paper documents in bulk and let our intelligent system organize them for you

Sign multiple formats

Be able to sign Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Images and others

Data analytics

Access and analyze all that data that previously was on paper

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Paksign is simple and convenient platform makes online signing fast and easy – so you can focus on your business.

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